He isn’t the jealous kind, but i have noticed a standard bond in the answers to exactly why he wasn’t envious

Your own website are a relationship and a rather different union from 1 I have with someone, nevertheless these warning flag are close directions for establishing borders and Chinese Sites dating service distinguishing when a partnership could have crossed those boundaries

I had this relationship (I broke it well due to little related to gender, my husband, etc), but my husband was actually never jealous. Referring to attending appear superficial, but:

Not merely actually, in every other means. He know he was a far better cook, better bureau, etc. Their terms while I would inquire, “Would this concern you whenever we gone ___” had been always some variation on “in the event that you actually screwed up our relationship to get together with men whom appears like that, then there isn’t much I’m able to create.”

In addition, complete disclosure: i am a nursing assistant, that information are almost sentence after sentence from education i have undergone relating to proper nurse-patient connections

He understands he is more desirable for me than male buddy because I advised him so. And I make sure he understands everyday which he’s hot. Specifically sexier as compared to waiter at food or his relative or whomever. We acknowledge which he’s much colder than his company or much better at X than their colleagues. And I’m not sleeping. In my opinion he is the bee’s legs.

Obviously he’s had a lifetime of positive reinforcement from his families, but start with assisting your spouse feel good about themselves therefore the remainder can be a reduced amount of an issue. submitted by haplesschild at 12:59 PM on April 30, 2013

You will find married women family who’re really dear if you ask me, so I obtain it. One thing you certainly can do to soothe the husband (possibly) will be invite your alongside. He might well decrease but once you understand he might be there is an assurance that nothing dirty is occurring.

All of those actions work very well for me personally. submitted by trinity8-director at 1:17 PM on April 30, 2013 [1 favored]

I understand you are looking for specific principles, but as others has advised, those you shouldn’t truly are present. What I would suggest try a list of warning flags:

– investing extreme levels of times along with your friend, to the point in which you’re seeing your significantly more than the husband or any other friend – getting possessive of buddy, whereby you are feeling jealous if he mentions spending some time along with other family without your – improper self-disclosure: don’t be advising him secrets you would not inform your husband, and vice versa – Dressing differently when you are around him – performing secretively or defensive whenever other people (including your husband) enquire about the relationship

You’ve got healthy and affordable limits so if you’ren’t performing anything intimate, we discover no problem an unbarred mind can’t handle. Little brains and enclosed brains has a problem with they, but again, 1/2 the planet off-limits? Maybe not sensible. Other’s anxieties are their anxieties.

Really don’t believe anybody is actually suggesting your OP cannot have any male friends, but rather, discover evidence right here that suggest this particular friendship might be stress. submitted by jbickers at 1:54 PM on April 30, 2013 [4 favorites]

1) You should not sell the actual special things has together with your spouse and carry out them with their pal. Meaning, do not replay your special schedules. In the event the hubby tactics some thing amazing for your needs two with each other, do not perform some ditto because of the more guy the subsequent week. Protect your important minutes and traditions, both latest and from the history.